Throwback Thursdays

Aren’t Throwback Thursdays fun? I think so, because everything old is new again, and who doesn’t love retro? Check out these adorable retro hot pads and apron.

Aren’t these cute? A layer of heat protection and a layer of cotton batting make for one heck-of-a hot pad! Get them here


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I have recently been thinking of a childhood friend, Colleen, and my first sleep-over at her house. Her mama, who was also our school nurse, prepared porcupine meatballs, which was also a first for me. Loved them! They were served with cooked carrots for a side dish, which in retrospect was a healthy, nurse-y choice. This week I served mine with good old fashioned peas and mushrooms, a recipe rich in buttery goodness, and which can be found in Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book dated 1981. Have to snicker at the words “New Cook Book.”


See how the pages of my New Cookbook are barely hanging on? Love this throwback item, with it’s metal 3-Rings and tabbed chapters.

The New Cookbook’s recipe for Porcupine Meatballs contains an ingredient I prefer not to cook with: condensed soup. I chose this recipe instead, and prepared it exactly as written:

Oh my goodness. These porcupine meatballs took me instantly back to 1972! Tender, flavorful and worthy of Throwback Thursdays. You won’t regret making these meatballs.

Comfort food, worthy of #TBT: Melinda’s Porcupine Meatballs


What  is your favorite retro meal? Leave me a comment.

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