A Birthday Cake for Your Daughter

This weekend the family celebrated my daughter’s 27th birthday at a fun local bowling and event center. What was supposed to have happened on the previous weekend was delayed due to the forecast of a horrible ice storm: The Ice Storm That Never Quite Materialized here in Kansas City. Nevertheless, the kids and granddaughters met Dear Hubs and myself for an indoor Family Fun Day. Promising a decadent birthday cake, I wanted to make something that we all could enjoy. Therefore I needed to find a recipe for something other than dark chocolate layer cake (the adults in the group would have thoroughly enjoyed it, but perhaps not the little granddaughters).

How long had it been since I baked a layer cake from scratch? Easily ten years and possibly more. But with the help of my Kitchen Diva Hot Pads and a boost to my kitchen prowess with The Diva Apron, a glorious cake to honor a young woman’s birthday was crafted.

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I scoured my cookbooks and recipes for something beautiful and tasty; I found dozens of recipes but not quite the right one. Turning to the internet for inspiration, I finally selected a recipe from Swans Down cake flour: Strawberry Preserve Cake. The result was a beautiful, moist, cake with just the right amount of strawberry flavor. I decorated the edges with fresh strawberries. This was the perfect birthday cake to celebrate the life of a young woman who never stops being a loving wife, a devoted mommie to my three sweet granddaughters, a homemaker with a full-time job and income, a pet enthusiast, and a superb girl scout leader. I’m so proud of her! Happy birthday, Liz, and may you have decades and decades more.

You can see the flecks of delicious strawberry in the cream cheese frosting
27 strawberry halves lined up in a row, one for each year.