Sweet Tooth

This sweet number can and *should* be yours! White Denim Apron

If you are like me and you like to keep your kitchen towel nearby, check out my gorgeous full apron in white denim. The roomy pockets in pretty eggshell blue print are large enough to hold some kitchen utensils and your phone, and a handy strap from which to hang your towel.


What a bright and lovely apron for Easter or as a gift for Mother’s Day. This apron is sweet but not overpowering, much like Mini Chocolate Pecan Cheesecakes; perfect little bites to satisfy your sweet tooth, but won’t blow your dietary goals.

Sweet Tooth


  1. a liking or craving for candy or other sweets.

As for myself, I have a full head of sweet teeth and they usually crave dark chocolate in some form or other right after dinner. If, like me, you try to attain a healthy balance of diet and lifestyle, but want to satisfy your sweet tooth, try one of these wee bites. They keep well in the fridge, covered, for a few days, so you don’t have to eat them all at once. Notice I said “don’t have to.” The pecans baked into the crust give a rich, round taste to the entire bite, and the chocolate ganache topping provide just the right amount of gooey goodness.


I found this recipe in one of my favorite blogs, My Baking Addition, and here is a link to the recipe: Mini Chocolate Pecan Cheesecakes


May all your sweet cravings be satisfied and your towel remain nearby.



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