Ode to Mom and Banana Nut Bars

Cold Saturday mornings in northern Minnesota were frequently devoted to baking with mom. Countless 13×9 pans of her Banana Nut Bars were the result of our Saturday morning forays.

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My three granddaughters came for a “sleep over” this weekend, and honoring mom’s tradition, we enjoyed our cold Saturday morning together in my Kansas kitchen, with Banana Nut Bars. The first and most amusing step is mashing!


Once the girls mashed the bananas, and I quote, “like baby food, right Grandma?” everything comes together in one bowl. Easy cleanup!


The girls add the ingredients to the mixing bowl themselves. They also take turns using the hand mixer. No need for the oversized Kitchenaid for this recipe.

Fold in the nuts by hand. Two or three sets of hands might be needed, depending on the number of kiddos helping.


Spray a 13×9″ pan with baking spray, spread the batter within, and bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees F. Voila! My 5-year old granddaughter actually said “voila” this weekend, which cracked me up.


You can see the tender crumb and almost smell the banana goodness. Don’t toss out the last two or three ripe bananas; instead, create a fun memory with¬† some kiddos in your life.

With love from me and granddaughters, we present Banana Nut Bars.

(Right-click and save this image for your own recipe card)

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